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Our company was founded in 2001 through the merger of Daicel Kaseihin Co., Ltd., and Daicel Craft Ltd. We are a trading company that is also uniquely engaged in manufacturing; in addition to trading a variety of chemical products with a focus on the commercial products of Daicel Corporation, we also operate manufacturing facilities. We are engaged in several fields that diverge from our traditional celluloid product segment on which Daicel was founded, including the realm of high-performance materials used in secondary batteries installed in motor vehicles and PCs.
Our primary product segments include water soluble polymers, water-based synthetic resin emulsions, functional films, cellulose plastics such as celluloid and acetate plastics, civil engineering and construction materials, feed additives, and other industrial products as well as a variety of household articles.
We believe in the “unlimited potential of chemistry” as outlined in Grand Vision 2020, the Daicel Group’s long-term vision. We help to realize this potential by incorporating functions that meet the diverse needs of society in the products we develop with our proprietary technologies and unmatched expertise. Moreover, we remain committed to increasing the fullness of life and the affluence of society through our operations. At the same time, we ensure the entire enterprise is engaged in enjoyable, promising, and challenging tasks in order to maintain our customer reputation as “the best and most trusted partner.”

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